CCSD Pacing Guides and Bridging Documents

Pacing guides have been developed by CID for the purpose of providing curricular continuity across the District. Links to the pacing guides are listed below. Contact the content area departments if you have questions about these pacing guides.


English Language Arts (ELA)

English Language Arts Critical Bridging Standards Guidance Document


Kindergarten ELA Pacing Guide

Grade 1 ELA Pacing Guide

Grade 2 ELA Pacing Guide

Grade 3 ELA Pacing Guide

Grade 4 ELA Pacing Guide

Grade 5 ELA Pacing Guide

Grade 6 ELA Pacing Guide

Grade 7 ELA Pacing Guide

Grade 8 ELA Pacing Guide

Grades 9-10 ELA Pacing Guide

Grades 11-12 ELA Pacing Guide



Mathematics Critical Bridging Standards Guidance Document

High School Mathematics Critical Bridging Document


Grade K Mathematics Pacing Calendar (2021-2022)

Grade 1 Mathematics Pacing Calendar (2021-2022)

Grade 2 Mathematics Pacing Calendar (2021-2022)

Grade 3 Mathematics Pacing Calendar (2021-2022)

Grade 4 Mathematics Pacing Calendar (2021-2022)

Grade 5 Mathematics Pacing Calendar (2021-2022)

Math 6 Pacing Guide (2021-2022)

Math 7 Pacing Guide (2021-2022)

Math 8 Pacing Guide (2021-2022)

Algebra I Pacing Guide (2021-2022)

Geometry Pacing Guide (2021-2022)

Algebra II Pacing Guide (2021-2022)


Science and Health

Grades K-5 Science Pacing Guides

Grades 6-12 Science Pacing Guides

Health 8 Pacing Guide


Social Studies

Grades K-5 Social Studies Pacing Guides

Grades 6-8 Social Studies Pacing Guides

Grades 9-12 Social Studies Pacing Guides


Fine and Performing Arts

Fine and Performing Arts Pacing Guides


World Languages

World Languages Pacing Guides