CCSD Curriculum and Adopted Materials

Nevada Academic Content Standards

CCSD uses the Nevada Academic Content Standards as the basis for all curricula. These content standards have been designed to meet the highest expectation for college and career readiness. Use the link below to access information from the Nevada Department of Education regarding the Nevada Academic Content Standards.


Nevada Department of Education: Nevada Academic Content Standards

CCSD Curriculum Resources: Curriculum Engine and Wiki-Teacher

The Curriculum Engine is a tool to help teachers lead their students to success.  The goals of the Curriculum Engine are:


  • Fast access to curriculum information
  • Powerful collective knowledge stored in one place
  • Collaborative instructional planning


Wiki-Teacher is a free resource available to CCSD teachers and any teacher outside of CCSD. To begin using the thousands of resources found on the site, take just few minutes to create a new account.

Instructional Materials

The Curriculum and Professional Development Division leads the process of identifying and adopting core instructional materials and supplementary resources to ensure that teachers and students have access to physical and digital resources that support the Nevada Academic Content Standards.


The 2022-2023 CCSD Instructional Resource Framework outlines Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III approved instructional materials to assist with K-12 English language arts, mathematics, and science instruction. Resources to support English language learners and students receiving special education services are embedded in the list.


Supplemental and Intervention Instructional Resources

Per Clark County School District (CCSD) Regulation 6150, site-funded supplemental textbooks/materials will be selected through a systematic review process by the professional staff in each school. See CCSD Regulation 6150 for additional guidance on the selection of supplemental textbooks.


Adopted Core Materials

The table below can be filtered and sorted to find information regarding CCSD’s currently adopted instructional materials for core content areas. Additional information regarding the adopted instructional materials for core and non-core content areas can be obtained by contacting the appropriate content area department or by viewing the CCSD Adopted Textbook Buy Guides.