Unwrapped Mathematics Standards in Curriculum Engine

Unwrapped Mathematics Standards in Curriculum Engine

During the summer of 2019, a task force of Clark County School District (CCSD) mathematics teachers enhanced the unwrapped Nevada Academic Content Standards (NVACS) for Mathematics in the Curriculum Engine and created a vertical articulation of each standard across the grade levels.

The following areas have been enhanced within the unwrapped standard templates and differ from the initial unwrapped standard categories.

What do I need to know?

  • Learning Objectives–The learning objectives combine the former knowledge and reasoning targets to create a cohesive unwrapping of each standard that meets the intended rigor of each standard.
  • Language Targets–The language targets specifically outline the type of language that students will need to learn and use in order to demonstrate mastery of the goals of the lesson. Quality language targets complement the content knowledge and skills identified in the learning objectives and address the aspects of academic language that will be developed or reinforced during the teaching of grade-level, content concepts. Teachers should purposefully plan for the use of academic language during mathematics instruction.
  • Vocabulary–Using the vocabulary from the standard, as well as vocabulary needed to access the standard, teachers should focus on specific words to assist with the mastery of the standard.
  • Essential Question–The essential question provides a focus for the lesson that features the standard
    and can be used for formative assessment purposes.
  • Horizontal and Vertical Alignment–Horizontal alignment, within grade-level connections, and vertical alignment, across grade-level connections, were reviewed and revised to help teachers make connections for all students.


How do I teach and assess this?

  • Teaching Suggestions–Teaching suggestions have been updated to provide teachers with information and strategies for helping students master the learning objectives.


What supports are available?

  • All K-12 Mathematics professional learning sessions are aligned to the NVACS and incorporate the components of the unwrapping as a tool in planning for standards-based instruction.