Social Studies

Social Studies:  Engage, Empower, and Experience!

The mission of the Social Studies Department is to empower students to become well rounded citizens who engage in the democratic process by providing experiences that demonstrate the understanding of the interconnectedness of the global community. The Social Studies Department Goals are:


  • Demonstrate literacy skills (both reading and writing), through analysis and evaluation of primary and secondary sources while at the same time synthesizing the material and engaging in academic discourse.
  • Develop a greater awareness of diverse cultures through the examination of multiple perspectives and their contributions throughout history.
  • Investigate the patterns of the interconnectedness of politics, economy, social, cultural, geographical, and human environment interaction.
  • Utilize critical thinking skills through the use of thought provoking questions and creating opportunities to form arguments incorporating evidence in academic inquiry.
  • Implement and practice the appropriate use of technology to make informed decisions empowering college, career, and civic readiness.



Director: Shannon La Neve

Phone: 702-799-8451

Fax: 702-855-9773


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